25 Oct 2010

WORKOUT ROUTINES - Body weight Workout

What's better than cardio? Both interval training and bodyweight circuit training are great alternatives for weight loss and fat burning. Plus, with body weight workouts, you can sculpt your lower and upper body, and your abs, great workout routines!

Thousands of men and women are giving up slow, boring cardio training and making the switch to body weight circuits to help them lose fat and get lean.

You too can take a break from normal cardio and intervals, and replace this portion of your training with the appropriate intensity bodyweight circuits. Or you can combine cardio and bodyweight exercises together within the same workout.

If you're looking to replace your cardio with bodyweight circuits, I generally recommend starting with easy bodyweight circuits. Once you are familiar with the basic bodyweight exercises, you can create your own body weight workouts - you are limited only by your imagination.

Here are my Body weight workout routines guidelines again:

When putting together a BW circuit, I like to go in this order:

Squat (total body warmup)

Lunge (pause at bottom to stretch psoas and rectus femoris)

Pushup (upper warmup)

6 main exercises, alternating between lower body & Upper body exercises

Finish with 2 ab exercises

You can do all of the above as 1 giant circuit, or split it up into three components like this:

A - Warm-up exercises (Squat, lunge, pushup): Go through each 2 times

B - 3 pairs of upper-lower exercises for main cardio effect: Go through each 1-3 times

Here's a great possible workout routines:

Siff Lunge

Decline Pushup

Bulgarian Split Squat

Inverted Row


Shoulder-Press Pushup

C - Finish with 2 ab exercises: Go through each 1-3 times.

You can use specific tempo for each exercise, or simply use a 1-0-1 tempo for each exercise to achieve a continuous flow with each exercise for a heart-pumping cardio effect - and this allows you to do more reps per set.

Body weight workouts are incredible for muscle definition, fat loss, and getting those ripped abs.

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's Health and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training for Fat Loss have helped thousands of men and women with weight loss and fat burning in less than 45 minutes three times per week.

Turbulence Training for Fat Loss workouts help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment.

Craig's body weight workouts for fat loss help you lose fat without any equipment at all.
I hope this gives you a great insight of workout routines you could try yourself.

24 Oct 2010


I always have clients that ask me for "Desert Island Workouts", meaning if they were trapped on a deserted island with absolutely no equipment (as they often are in their hotel rooms or when at home), what could they possibly do to burn fat and maintain muscle mass.

The solution is simple. With a little creativity, you can do dozens of bodyweight exercises and work out diet to burn fat fast. Let's use one of my patented Bodyweight Cardio Circuits as an example.

When putting together a work out diet, I like to go in this order:

1) A fast, dynamic bodyweight exercise (jumping jacks or running in place)

2) A bodyweight squat (put your hands behind your head to work your upper back)

3) An easy pushup (regular or close grip, kneeling if you are a beginner)

4) A single-leg exercise (such as a walking lunge)

5) An upper back exercise (pullups, chinups, or inverted rows if you are lucky enough to have something to hang on, otherwise you can use resistance band rows or dumbbell rows - unfortunately, if you are truly stuck on a deserted island, you don't have much you can do here)

6) Another single-leg exercise such as split squats

7) A total body ab exercise (mountain climbers are great)

8] Finish with a total body, fast paced exercise (burpees, jump rope, jumping jacks, sprints, running in place, etc)

Do this as 1 giant circuit. No rest between exercises. Rest 1 minute at the end of the circuit and go through this 1-3 more times depending on your fitness level.
BEGINNERS should only go through this once, and at an easy pace AND with REST between exercises. Be CONSERVATIVE anytime you start a new program. If you are advanced, you can start with 2-3 circuits per workout.

So have a great time with these fun bodyweight cardio workouts...
Then say goodbye to long, slow, boring, montonous cardio forever!
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Blast Fat With Bodyweight Circuits

More and more people want or need to burn fat and most will give up
after getting little or no results. The reason they don't get the results is
because they are not doing the right bodyweight circuits that will burn fat and
build muscle all at the same time.

Most people go to the gym and when they get there they train using
cardio equipment ( treadmill, stationary bike, etc. ) then they move
on to weight training, and they spend up to 1 hour or more in the gym,
and after a month or so, they are not getting the results they want they
stop exercising all together.

The best way to exercise and get results is to stay home and to exercise
using a bodyweight circuit, with little or no rest at all for five to fifteen
minutes a day.

Most people think jogging will answer all their fat loss problems and the
fact is that even if you jog you still need to do some kind of strength
training to burn fat and this will take more time.

When you exercise using bodyweight circuits you will be working "cardio"
building muscle and burning fat at a very rapid pace.

Bodyweight circuits are the answer for building muscle, flexibility, and
fat burning they always have and always will, after all this is how the
military gets men and women in shape and ready for battle in record

Just to show the benefits of a bodyweight circuit try this sample circuit:

10 pushups-

10 bodyweight squats-

10 jumping jacks-

10 situps

There is no rest in between exercises, move from one exercise to the other,
when you get to the bottom start over and go through the circuit again.

The circuit should be done as fast as possible for five to fifteen minutes.

John Grube is an expert on the subject of bodyweight circuits. He also has 25+ years of training experience and is the author of The Wildman Training Program manual. For more info http://www.wildmantraining.com


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