25 May 2010

The Six Pack Challenge

Hi everyone, i said a couple of days ago that i was going to set myself a challenge, to have a six pack in six weeks.
So i will be starting this venture on Thursday 27th May. You will see a photo of me before, i will be telling what i'm doing and what i have eaten everyday through the blog and there will be nothing left out. I might do this challenge or i might fail, but i will be trying my best to get my six pack back.
Most of my training is going to be circuit training because i know most people can't afford a gym membership so it makes it easy for them, and i work 8 till 5 and have to leave at 7-30 to get to work in time, so its a normal routine for some people.Feel free to join me and post your results in the comments box and if you do well i'll put you on my blog with me, it will be hard especially the first 2 weeks as you'll be aching and feeling tierd, but stick with it because you'll feel better and more alert.
I'll have some video diaries for you and all the workouts i do that day right down to the food i eat so come lets have some fun together and a laugh even when its hard, i'm going to.
Me and My Girlfriend at Xmas 'gotta lose the chubby face'

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