7 Aug 2010

Can't afford the gym ? Ditch it

Do you need a Gym Membership to get fit ? 
The answer is very simple, NO NO NO NO !
Still thinking of joining a gym ? 
Check out this cheap gym membership.
It won't cost you a penny.

All you need is a bit of determination on your side and you can do it from your back garden, the big playing fields down the road, on the beach, where ever there is some open space or a little grass. Just somewhere you can feel comfortable.

I have a couple of circuits for you which you can do from your back garden or where ever your comfortable from. You can do things like going for a jog, a cycle or swimming or even a long walk say for an 1hr a day or every other day what ever suits you. Do some cardio exercise 3 - 4 times a week and in that do some circuit training and you will find yourself getting fitter and toning your body up without even paying a penny out.

Its in your own time a place where your comfortable and your not waiting for a machine or listening to the grunters as I call them in the gym. Do it with a friend to give you some support and push yourself more, take it in turns to take the circuit in the garden or pick one.

Obviously part of getting fit is losing a bit of weight and part of that is watching what you eat, cut out things like biscuits,cakes, crisps, chocolate bars if you eat alot of them, savoury stuff like pasties, just trimming stuff like this will help you.

Instead of eating 3 meals a day go for 6 smaller amounts but make sure you eat breakfast, and I don't mean bacon eggs and sausage and the trimmings. Like cereal or poached egg on toast ( brown ), scrambbled egg. Then eat something mid day as a snack, then lunch then mid afternoon the tea. That way you won't be pigging out at night.

Try not to eat in front of the TV or a computer screen as you will find yourself eating more trust me I tried it and its true.

Remember only you can change it, I don't want to hear I'm to tierd after work. If you can stick it out for 2 weeks solid you will feel the benefits and find you have more energy and you are more awake and you WILL feel better.
If you haven't exercised for a while the first 2 weeks will be hard and you will want to give up but stick at it and you will feel much better and more confident.
Good luck and feel free to check my blogs out with all the circuits on there.


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