20 Sep 2010

How to Choose the Best Fat Loss Workout Routine

Being in shape is immensely important to be at par with the fast moving world. Not only your qualification, your appearance also means a lot when you need to prove yourself, and get the best. Being overweight can greatly affect your confidence level, thus it is essential to quickly opt in for a fat loss workout routine, before it gets too late. It is very easy to choose the best fat loss workout routine; all you need to do is go in for the exercise that helps you reach your targeted heart range. You have to workout really hard so that your pulse rate gets increased, as this will aid in burning more of fat.

The exercises that helps reach the targeted heart range are the ones the increases your metabolism and thus burns fat. The fat loss workout routine will not only help you look good by promoting weight loss, but more than that, it will prevent you from falling prey to various health concerns. You surely know that overweight people are more liable to suffer from heart attacks. A seven-day fat loss workout routine can really work wonders for you. To begin with, on Monday you can do strength as well as cardio workout. Start with a bodyweight warm up, which can be followed by split squats and dumbbell chest process.

Next do superset stability ball leg curls along with dumbbell rows. Complete the workout with interval cardio. Tuesday's fat loss workout routine can include some enjoyable exercises, like running errands, traditional cardio or even your favorite sport. On Wednesday do some strength and interval cardio workout. In between the workout you can eat some high-protein snacks, so that your muscles get enough nutrients to rebuild and repair. On Thursday your fat loss workout routine should include 30 minutes activity.

At the same time, make sure that you are eating enough of green vegetables, if possible more than usual, in particular leafy green vegetables. On Friday do some bodyweight exercises, which can include Bulgarian split squats, pushups and some bicep and triceps exercises. On Saturday you could do a 30 minute activity and then invite your friends over, discuss your fat loss workout routine, and perhaps discuss the results that you are witnessing, which shall prevent you from eating food that would only help gain weight. On Sunday go in for a 30 minute activity and prepare your routine and shop for some healthy stuff to gorge in the following week.
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