25 Nov 2010


Just came across a great 7 minute back workout you can do everyday that can not only relieve your current back pain but can reduce your chances of  future back pain symptoms.
Is a quick and easy four exercise back workout and is designed to increase back strength and flexibility through endurance building movements that help stabilize your back muscles. The result should be strong, supple back muscles that will support during any activity, anytime anywhere.

If you do the back workout once a day everyday with no rest as the idea of the workout is to build endurance not strength. Doing these exercises daily you'll strengthen your spine - stabilizing muscles.


Lie face up on the floor, left leg straight and flat on the floor. Right knee should be bent and the foot flat on the floor. Place your hands palms down on the floor underneath the natural arch in your lower back (don't flatten the back).
Now slowly raise your head and shoulders off the floor without bending the lower back or spine. Hold this position for 7-8 seconds, breathing deeply the entire time.
That's one repetition. Look at doing 4 reps on each leg.
This exercise will force you to work all your abdominal muscles while keeping your lower back in its natural arch. In minimizes stress on the spine while increasing muscle endurance.


On your hands and knees, shoulder width apart slowly lower your head between your arms as you push up as high as you can with your back, rounding your spine.
When you reach the top of the movement, slowly lower your back as you lift your head up, extend the neck forward and up arching the lower back by moving the belly button toward the floor.
One rep is done, look at doing 5-8 reps for this back workout.


Lie on your left side with the knees straight and upper body propped up on the left elbow and forearm. Place the right hand on your left shoulder and slowly raise your hips until the body forms a straight line from the shoulders to the knees.
Hold the position for 7-8 seconds breathing deeply the entire time. Look at doing 4-5 reps on each side for this workout.


Down on your hands and knees with the palms flat on the floor shoulder width apart, slowly raise and straighten the right leg and left arm at the same time. Hold the position for 7-8 second,s again breathing throughout.
Lower the arm and leg down and sweep them back into the starting position. That's one rep ! Look at performing 4 reps then switch sides.
This exercise works the lower back and middle back extensors ( muscles that help bend the back ) while producing half the stress on the spine that conventional back extensions create.

So there we are that's a back workout that strengthens the back in 7 minutes and you can do it everyday.

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