20 May 2011

Aloe Vera the Truth

Aloe Vera is well known for its many benefits but how much of it is true?
I came across some Aloe Vera tonic drinks back in 2012 in my mums fridge and asked the question, "What are these?" she went on to tell me about how good they were and how many nutrients were in them. Now I'm not going to bore you with the details all I will do is let you read the articles below to see for yourself and make your own decision.
After you have read them I'll go on to tell you some more about it below.

Extract from 'Look' Magazine, 5th November 2007

"Victoria Beckham has embarked on a hardcore diet and fitness regime in a bid to lose 4lb. and get in shape for the Spice Girls tour.
The 33-year-old is determined to be as fit as Sporty and Scary, who are the most athletic members of the band, and has started drinking Aloe Vera juice and five cups of green tea a day.....
Nutritionist Sue Norton says: "LA women are always trying out the latest diet fads. But Aloe Vera is hailed as a superfood due to its combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. It's thought to help the circulation and digestion, and can increase energy levels.
It can even help with the skin problems Victoria suffers from if applied directly to the skin......"
Extract from 'Look' magazine, 5th November 2007

These are just a few snippets of these products and the benefits they give so for more information on the products and the benefits they could give visit www.healthycravens.co.uk

Aloe Vera Drink

Aloe Vera Gel contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, including the rare vitamin B12 - one of only two vegetable sources available. This makes 

Aloe Vera Gel a vital supplement for vegetarians and vegans. Folic acid, recommended by the Department of Health for all women planning a pregnancy, is also found naturally in the gel. Together it provides seven essential amino acids which are directly linked to cell growth, and which cannot be manufactured within the body from other sources.

There are so many nutrients in this drink, one thing is certain - Aloe Vera Gel has had a profoundly positive influence on the health and lifestyle of many.

At a glance...

• Maintains a healthy digestive

• Maintains energy levels

• Can be used as a daily
nutritional drink

• Balances the immune system

• Keeps for 5 years unopened –
3 months once opened (if kept

This is just one of many great products they sell at Forever Living so why not check out more at www.healthycravens.co.uk

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