17 Feb 2016

Why Are People Drinking Aloe Vera Juice?

Brief Aloe History

The uses of Aloe Vera can be traced back 6,000 years to early Egypt where the plant was depicted on stone carvings. The plant was known as 'plant of immortality'. From Cleopatra to Christopher Columbus, some of history’s most famous figures relied on aloe vera for its healing properties.
Referred to as:

      •   Burn Plant
      • Lily of the Desert
      • Wonder Plant

In 2013 super hydrating Coconut water was the must have health drink with its health benefits and Celebrity status. But hot on its heels is Aloe Vera. You can read it for yourself here from the Daily Mail.

Aloe Vera contains many vitamins:

Vitamin A       Vitamin C       Vitamin E       Vitamin B1     Vitamin B2 

Vitamin B3 (niacin)    Vitamin B6     Folic Acid       Choline

It is one of the Few plants that contains Vitamin B12.

Just some of the 20 Minerals in aloe Vera are:

Calcium           Magnesium      Zinc     Chromium       Selenium         Sodium            Iron      

Potassium            Copper            Manganese

High in Amino Acids and Fatty Acids.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of Protein. There are about 22 amino acids necessary for the human body and said that 8 of these are essential. 
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There is an estimate of around 18-20 in Aloe Vera 8 of which are the essential amino acids.

Three plant sterols are contained in Aloe which are important Fatty Acids:

HCL Cholesterol – lowers fats in the blood
Campesterol and B-sitosterol – helpful in reducing symptoms of allergies and acid indigestion.

Other Fatty Acids:

Linoleic           Linolenic         Myristic           Caprylic           Oleic    Palmitic           Stearic

What is an Adaptogen?

An adaptogen is something that boosts the body’s natural ability to adapt to external changes and resist illness. It is thought that Aloe has this power to balance the body’s system, stimulating the defence and adaptive mechanisms. This then allows an increase in ability to cope with stress – 

                                    Physical, Emotional and Environmental stress like pollution.

Benefits Digestion

FACT – Poor Digestion is related to many diseases.

One of the keys and foundations of health is having a properly functioning digestive tract. Aloe is known to soothe and cleanse the digestive tract and improve digestion, because it’s an adaptogen it helps with either constipation or diarrhea by helping regulate your elimination cycles in whatever way you need. IBS and Acid Reflux have been well known areas for Aloe Vera to give great benefit to people.

There are plenty more Benefits Aloe Vera has on the Human Body, something I will go into in more detail in my next Post so keep an eye out.

You can Buy an Aloe Vera Gel Drink that contains at least 85% which is more than the typical 25% sold in the high street shops at my store. 

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