22 Jul 2010

How To Stay Motivated, The Key To Keeping Fit

Being fit and healthy is a very invigorating feeling, and being in a fit and healthy state of mind is a very liberating feeling. The thing with being fit and healthy is that you may not necessarily realize how fit you are until you lose that fitness which depending on your level of fitness and the dedication you show to keep in fit can appear to happen very suddenly.

Fitness is like anything in life, the more you put in the more you get out, but where fitness is concerned there are subtle little departments within what we understand about fitness that all help to make up the bigger picture. We all have different levels of fitness and likewise we all have different expectations about being fit and healthy.

The best way of describing levels of fitness is "fit for purpose". For instance, if you intend running in marathon in six months time it would be foolhardy to attempt to get your fitness to an adequate level to compete successfully by running around the local park once a week, and likewise if you are just starting out on the road to fitness and you want to go for a run do not expect your body to be too willing to oblige if you choose to go for a ten mile run.

You need to be realistic in your goals and targets with fitness, whether it is simply to achieve weight loss or whether you need an increased level of fitness for a sporting event. Setting yourself a goal will also help you to keep motivated as well as give pointers as to whether you should be training harder. If you are new to keeping fit or have not trained in quite a while I would always recommend consulting a doctor before you start a training plan.

If you are keeping fit to lose weight you will have to be realistic with your targets and accept that there may be a time when things do not appear to be going to plan. Losing weight is about more than keeping fit but exercising but exercising is a massively crucial part of the overall plan. To lose weight you need to remember some very important points; do not starve yourself, eat correctly and wisely and as long as you burn more calories than you put into your body you will succeed.
Many people who go to diet clubs expect long term results, a diet alone will not work in the long term, a good healthy diet is always recommended but your body will find a level within that diet and stay there. Very few diet clubs promote exercise or at least have a plan for exercise for you, this is because if you start losing weight by exercising what are the chances of you paying to go back to a diet club each week?

If you are struggling to know where to start with keeping fit as well as knowing what to eat I would recommend researching anywhere but diet clubs, at least to start with. Look on the inter web and try to find fitness trainers online who will be able to give you pointers and tips regarding food and exercise as well as giving you motivational tips to help you stay on track. Many online fitness trainers will have a records and results section that you can log into to store any measurements you may want to take and keep to help you monitor your progress.

The trick with keeping fit and staying healthy is to stick with it, do not be disheartened if things do not appear to going to plan, your body is in life for the long haul so you need to keep your mind in the same set.
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