20 Jul 2010

Little Known Workout That Gets You in Shape and Melts Fat Really Fast

Everybody that tries to get in shape and lose fat starts with the normal exercises and routines but after a while it becomes boring and so many drop out of the program, and quickly start putting on fat layers again. For the people who tend to get bored by the same routine it's a good idea to try something different from time to time, more so if the new exercise is even better at fat burning than the previous one.

I'm going to reveal to you a very simple exercise that you can do almost everywhere, anytime and which is guaranteed to melt your fat and to get you in shape faster than most of the conventional exercises that you do in the gym or at home. In order to do this simple training you need just one mundane thing: some stairs. Yeah, that's right, stairs! By correctly doing a stair exercise regularly you'll get in shape, lose weight, fell great and look even better.

Here's a simple idea of a stair exercise that you can practice in your own building, at your work place or in any other building that has a staircase. The easiest routine you can implement is the following: first just walk up to the top floor at your normal pace and when you reach it do a bit of stretching. Then take the elevator down and start again, but this time a bit faster. At the top, take the elevator down again and repeat the process several times increasing your speed each time. You'll notice that you'll get a complete workout this way; it's very demanding on your body as you increase speed and do more repetitions.

Try to make this exercise at least two times a week and every time note just how many times you made it up the stairs. You'll see that after a while, as you get fitter, you'll be able to increase the number of repetitions. You're whole body will benefit from a workout and you'll loose pounds faster than before. A fun way to implement this training is to have a friend train with you. You could then make small contests like who can climb the staircase the most number of times or who can climb the staircase 3 times in a row in the shortest time. You could also bring your dog along so you both can get some exercise in the same time.

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