20 Oct 2010


Would you like broader shoulders? It's no secret that having a pair of broad shoulders creates a sense of masculinity and dominance that no other muscle group can recreate. But building broader shoulders is easier said than done, with so much information out there, it can quickly become a confusing task to try and decide which exercises you'll use to make your shoulders wider. In this article I will simplify this task for you, giving you 3 of the most effective exercises you can use to get broader shoulders in the shortest time possible.

Standing Military Press: The standing military press is the most popular exercises for all round shoulder growth. It mainly hits the front head but also targets the side head of your deltoid (shoulder muscle), which is the head that controls how wide your shoulders look. Make the standing military press the priority of your shoulder workouts.

Barbell Upright Rows: The barbell upright row is extremely effective at targeting the side head of the shoulder muscle, as well as this, it will also to some degree hit your trapezius and upper back muscles. But also note that this exercise has in the past been notorious for creating rotator cuff injuries, utilizing a close grip to the upright row will prevent any chance of injury.

Side Lateral Raises: The side lateral raise is one of the only isolation exercises designed primarily to make the shoulders appear wider. This exercise should only be performed with a fairly light weight to prevent possible injury. If you have extremely narrow shoulders, I recommend adding this to the very start of your shoulder workouts to pre-exhaust the muscles and shock them into growth.

If you stay consistent with a solid workout program, include all of the exercises above and also have a good diet, you will start building better looking and broader shoulders in no time at all.
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