17 Oct 2010

WORKOUT ROUTINES - Military Fitness

Workout routines were great in the forces and great for military fitness. Here is a workout we used to do in the forces while on tour. Its nothing special but it works the whole of your body and burns off lots of fat. Its also a killer at times and you feel it the next day.

So here it is,
Start by warming up for 10 mins, jogging round and shaking out the muscles.

Close Arm Press                      10 reps
Sit Up Twists                          20 reps
Squats                                    30 reps

Wide Arm Press                      15 reps
Sit Ups                                   20 reps
Lunges                                   30 reps (15reps on each leg)

Tri Dips ( on a wall / bench )    20 reps
Crunchies                               20 reps
Step Ups ( on a wall /bench )   30 reps

Press Ups                              15 reps
Leg Raises                             20 reps
Squat jumps                           30 reps

Do this gym free circuit 3 times through rest for 1 min after completing each of the 12 exercises all the way through without stopping, then jog for a 1 min and start again.

After you have done the circuit for the third time rest for 2 minutes and jump into this Abs circuit,

Sit ups
Sit up Twist
Leg raises
Alt Ankle Taps

Do 10 reps of each ab exercise all the way through without stopping, rest for 2 mins and do the ab circuit again. Once you have mastered it you can do it for a third time.

Finished the circuits so time to stretch off and warm down.

This gym free circuit may look easy but it is for people with a moderate fitness level and you only get out of the circuit how much you put in it. So give it a try and let me know what your thoughts are.
Like I said we did it when there was no weights about and to keep ourselves fit.

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