4 Dec 2010

MILITARY FITNESS - Royal Marine Fitness Test

Before you even get to Lympstone you have to get through the careers office first which requires you to pass an interview, medical and fitness test. The Fitness Test requires you to pass a 1.5 mile run on a treadmill in under 10 minutes.
Only after this you get through to the second stage of applying for the Royal Marines and head over to Lympstone for the Pre-Royal Marine Commando Course (PRMC). A three day assessment held at the Commando Training Centre. This will push you to your limit and require mental ability to complete the following exercise elements for military fitness:
A three mile run to be completed in two parts :
A squad run of 1.5 miles to be completed in 12.5 minutes.
Then a 1.5 mile free run to be completed in less than 10.5 minutes or you will fail PRMC 
Bleep test  
In the Gym you are expected to complete the bleep test and get to at least level 11
Stress tests -  A sequence of tests as follows:
• 60 press-ups in 2 minutes
• 2 minutes rest
• 80 sit ups in 2 minutes
• 2 minutes rest
• A minimum of 6 ‘Heaves to the Beam’ – full pull-ups with the palms facing away from the body (from ‘full hang’ to your chest touching the bar) 
Gym test 
 A series of five military fitness tests each lasting for three minutes. 
Assault course 
A military fitness assault course be completed in under four minutes. First time your shown the obstacles the second time its all yours.
Then the bottom field test, which strictly you don't know about but YOU WILL find out.
This course also tests your strength of mind so there will be other tests to examine your determination, endurance and attitude and you will find some rope tests to assess how you work with ropes thrown in there somewhere.

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