10 Jan 2011

MILITARY FITNESS - Six pack Training

People ask lots of questions on getting a six pack and there is a lot of information out there that is useful and some not so useful.
So how long to get a six pack ?
Well that depends on what effort YOU want to put in to get one, it could take from 4 weeks to 8 weeks or even longer, but remember its not only the workouts you do its also what you eat.
So I've come up with 10 tips that can help you towards a six pack doing simple tasks you do in your day to day life and adding things in your workout so check these out for great abs.

1) Brushing your teeth - yes its true, brushing your teeth the right way can help towards your six pack. So when you brush stand on one leg so it works your deep core muscles. A great short workout that creates a degree of instability that works the smaller muscles essential for core strength.

2) Breath - again you do this everyday, take a deep breath and hold it before the lifting phase of any exercise, then forcefully exhale on the return this will work your deep core by locating the TVA muscles responsible for a washboard stomach.

3) Circuit training - just a small circuit which consists of 4 exercises with no rest 10 reps of each and 4 sets with 1 mins rest between each set. This will burn fat, maintain muscle mass and burns calories after the session.

4) Snack before sleep - consecutive nights of poor sleep causes your muscle cells to become resistant to insulin which can lead to increased fat storage in your belly. So snack on high - fibre cereal such as a bowl of Shredded Wheat just before you go to bed. You'll sleep like a baby and gain a remarkably toned stomach.

5) Eat Kiwi Fruit and Peppers - these pack twice the amount of vitamin C than an orange, people that consume 500mg of Vitamin C burn 39% more fat while working out than those who have less than 100mg. Low levels of vitamin C impede your body's ability to use fat as energy.

6) Use the weight - the abs are some of the strongest muscles believe it or not they can take more than just your bodyweight. So while doing variations of crunches attach leg weights or hold a disc or dumb-bell above your head.

7) Grab a ball - use a swiss ball to multiply the effect of your crunches. Lying on a swiss ball so the ball is supporting the curve of your back, look at aiming for 10-12 reps without stopping or wobbling off the ball.

8) Keep it still - pilates, static stabilisation exercises use more core muscles than sit ups. The plank and side plank fire up your abs, so adopt the press up position now to get that six pack.

9) Abs last - leave any core - specific workouts until the end of your session. Working the abs first will fatigue them so you don't get the same benefits from workout moves such as squats.

10) Skip - this burns up to a fifth more calories than running and warms up multiple muscles. Try the skip step (moving your feet from side to side) to really flatten your stomach and hit the goal to your six pack challenge.

So there we are try some of these out for your six pack training and let us know how you get on.

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