24 Jun 2010

Exercises to Burn Tummy Fat

One of the keys to get flat and firm abs is being able to get rid of the excess belly fat. To do that, you need to eat right and you need to spend your time on the right exercises, those that burn a lot of fat in a short time and can deliver quick results.

In this article, I want to help you focus on exercises that burn tummy fat fast so you can quickly get that muscle definition you've been seeking.

But first, here's a little scoop: you don't need to do lots of stomach workouts to get flat abs. Why? Because you don't burn fat just from the body part you train but from your entire body. For that reason, you need to let go of stomach exercises and do those workouts that burn the most fat in general.

Here are some exercises to lose tummy fat quickly and effectively:

1. Squat - I don't know about you, but for me, a strength workout doesn't really begin until I do a few squats. There's something about this exercise that just makes the heart pump way faster. It's an intensive exercise that, no matter how fit you are, can get you to shed lots of fat fast.

To make this harder, you can hold a dumbbell in each hand. You can even swing the dumbbells up when you rise from your squat for even greater fat burning.

By the way, lunges are an excellent alternative to squats if you're interested in a little variety.

2. Jumping rope - When it comes to cardio to burn belly fat and to do it fast, a jumping rope is the king. In 5 minutes, you can quickly build a nice sweat. In addition, this exercise brings your entire body into the motion and so creates an even faster flab busting environment.

3. Push-ups + Jumps - Here's a little sequence to make you sweat and beg for mercy: do a push up. Rise to the starting position. Bring your knees close to your hands and jump into the air. This is one rep. When you land, immediately go into another push-up. I dare you to be able to do twenty of these.

4. Bicep curls + shoulder presses - combining two exercises into the same set often leads to a greater intensity and faster fat burning. One example (and you can create your own) is to do a bicep curls with two dumbbells and finish it off with a shoulder press, as the dumbbells at the end of the curl are alread close to shoulder height.

As you can see, none of these are tummy exercises in the pure form but all help to burn a ton of fat. Do these and you may see faster results than you would have otherwise.
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