26 Jun 2010

Diet to Build Muscle and Lose Fat - How to Get in Shape in 8 Weeks

If you are looking for a diet to build muscle and lose fat then this article will show you how. We outline an 8 week program to deliver your results, though to have some long term success the plan has to become your lifestyle. This way you will be in shape all year round apart from the occasional holidays where we all treat ourselves to some junk food and desserts etc. Then just get back on the program to get quickly in shape again.

Using this 8 week action plan you will be able to build muscle and lose fat with the tips we give you:

Building muscle - Without doubt the quickest way to build muscle is to become stronger, the stronger you are the stronger you will also look. Do barbell exercises for the major muscle groups ie; squats, bench press, shoulder press, deadlifts, bent over rows, barbell curls etc. Learn the exercise form correctly and increase the weight gradually one week at a time. This is great exercise for weight loss too.

Quality Nutrition - This plays a massive part in getting stronger and building quality muscle. You'll also burn fat as long as you keep your meals healthy.

Protein - Meat, poultry, eggs and fish etc. Whey protein shakes with water are great to boost your protein intake.

Fats - Olive oil, saturated fats and fish oils. Great sources of Omega 3.

Vegetables - Focus on the green vibrous ones.

Fruit - Apples, oranges, and low GI berry fruits like strawberries/raspberries etc.

Whole grains - Wheat bread, wholemeal rice, wholemeal pasta.

Water - A minimum of 8 - 10 glasses per day plus your workout water. Water is great for removing fat storing toxins.

Try to eat foods that come in their natural state and avoid foods that come out of a box. Limit your junk food to once a week and stop drinking soda. If your looking for a coffee replacement there are lots of delicious flavored herbal teas to drink. These tips are going to make a huge difference in a short period of time.

 Lose your fat - Strength training exercises will build up your muscles while burning your body fat, its a win - win situation. If you are either impatient or have a lot of fat to lose then here's some helpful tips:

Cardiovascular exercise - After your strength training do 30 minutes of cardio. Keep the intensity low and do this 3 x per week. After week 2 include some interval training to speed up the fat burning process if need be. If you prefer to go outside then running to lose weight is also very effective.

Cut your calories - Start out by eating your current body weight in lbs x 18. One week later cut down on 500 calories. If you lost weight that week eat the same amount of calories. If you never lost weight cut back on another 500 calories.

Getting weighed - Don't get obsessed by the scales. Weigh yourself once a week on the same day, first thing in the morning naked. Take cm measurements and measure yourself once a week. The tape measure and your clothes are the best guide that you are losing weight because you are doing strength training with this program.

Golden rule - Never starve yourself with this diet to build muscle and lose fat. If you don't eat your body will naturally store fat. Plan 5 small meals per day and if you struggle with that because of work etc then use protein shakes as a quick fix. Protein keeps you fuller longer too.

 Motivation - The best way to stay motivated is to set goals and track your progress accurately. Put up a good sized vision board in your house where you can see it everyday.

Nobody ever said that a diet to build muscle and lose fat would be easy to follow. We all can get side tracked occasionally. The good news is with discipline and consistency we can all achieve our goals.

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