22 Jun 2010

Muscle Building Secrets That Build Muscle Mass Fast

Do you want some muscle building secrets that will help you build muscle mass fast? If you do, let's cut out the chatter and get down to it.

If you want to build muscle quickly you have to give your muscles a reason to do so and force them to grow. There are a whole host of muscle building techniques at your disposal to use and bust through plateaus. Firstly you must understand that muscle growth does not happen in a linear or constant fashion.

Therefore you need to change your workouts accordingly with different phases. We will start with a common but very effective muscle building method.

Volume Workouts

Volume training is great for muscle hypertrophy (growth) as it gets nutrient rich blood pumping through the muscle. It also causes damage to the muscle fibres, so that they have to repair themselves and get bigger in the process.

A great routine for this is German volume training or the 10 sets method. This is were you perform 10 sets of 10 reps for a single exercise. It is a fairly tough workout but has proven time after time to pack on muscle.

Intensification Workouts

Intensification workouts (which are heavy loading routines) are a great routine to use directly after around 3 weeks of volume training. You can use the fresh muscle just built to explode your strength and power. Strength training also gives you denser muscle and a more 'toned' look, that all the girls are trying to get by lifting soup cans for 1000 reps.

A good simple rep scheme to use for strength workouts is the 5 x 5 routine. Another great variable for strength workouts are wave sets. These are workouts were you increase the weight every set to bring the reps down but get more weight onto the bar. A typical wave set scheme can be 8, 6 and 4. You can also do two waves sets for more volume by dropping the weight back to the starting set and doing another round of 8, 6 and 4.

Cluster Sets

Another phase to add into your schedule would be cluster sets. Cluster sets is were you pick a weight you can do for 4-5 reps, then do them 8 times using mini-sets. You do this by performing 1 rep, rack the weight and rest for 8 seconds, before doing another single rep and resting for 8 seconds after each single. These short rest lets you muscles recover but also gets you working with heavier loads.

If you are going to use the muscle building secrets outlined here, you had better be providing your body with plenty of fuel for recovery. Getting plenty of protein and carbohydrates will put your body into an anabolic state to build muscle mass fast.

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