22 Jun 2010

What is the Muscle Confusion Workout?

A pal recently called me and asked about... what is muscle confusion?

It seems he had been watching some late-night television and had run across an infomercial that touted the benefits of this type of bodybuilding and fitness training.

The reality is that this exercise protocol has been around for many years. Beachbody, the marketing company for this 90 day workout, hired celebrity personal trainer, Tony Horton to come up with an in-home workout program that required very little equipment.

Prior to this workout Horton has created another at home exercise program called power 90. Accordingly, the P90X workout is Tony Horton's extreme version of the P90.

Let's get into some more detail about this exciting muscle building technique and see precisely how it works.

You see, muscle confusion is a methodology employed to increase optimum lean muscle growth and progress. The actual strategy would be to constantly differ your training workouts and exercise strategies to keep your body from adapting to your regimen (In order to stop muscle plateaus.)

I have heard many fitness pro's point out that they believe in changing your exercise regimen every four weeks.

This really is a training or exercise protocol that was developed to stop muscle plateauing. To paraphrase, whenever you first start working out the gains of power and muscle size will probably come to you effortlessly. However, as you continue to work out you can expect your improvement to slow down.

A good personal trainer will often suggest a workout or exercise program that is organized in phases. That is what creates some of the most successful training programs.

Muscle Confusion and Peroidization

As we discussed before, the key strategy behind this exercise protocol is to consistently change some aspect of your exercise or workout program. In addition, one of the easiest ways to do this would be to change your workouts every four weeks.

Each piece of physical exercise apparatus hits the muscles at a unique angle and level of intensity. By simply changing your workout equipment, sets and repetitions, you are going to considerably increase the likelihood of continuing your muscle gains.

The muscle does not get accustomed to the "regimen" of the work out and as a result is constantly challenged to develop.

Many bodybuilders as well as fitness experts utilize this incredible workout protocol in their customers and their very own exercise programs.

For my part, I employ a muscle confusion work out as a component of my personal training program. Not only do I vary the workout routines that I use, but I also utilize different pieces of exercise equipment.

For example, at times I will utilize an isometric exerciser. Other times I will use strength bands and still in other cases some adjustable dumbbells.
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